Hey Hey! I'm Brittney!

Navy wife, mom of two boys, corporate-working girl, coffee-geek and your new best friend! Welcome to my corner of the internet, where I hope to inspire you to create a sense of home wherever you are!

A wise woman once told me to "be comfortable with being uncomfortable." This has never been more true.

The lifestyle of a military family can oftentimes feel uncomfortable. In the wake of these feelings, comfort and solace can be found. No matter who or where you are in this journey, creating “home” is of the single most importance.

Things to Make You Feel At Home

Our candles are hand-poured using 100% soy wax. No color additives. Eco-friendly wicks.

New Christmas Favorite! I can't get over how good this candle smells! My new favorite scent that I can't wait to light every day!

Courtney on Dose of Peace Candle

My absolute favorite!! If you are looking for a fragrance that the whole family would love, this is it! It is a very light and airy fragrance that also brings a sense of calm.

LaShantinette on Pineapple Breeze Candle

Love!!! This candle smells so good. I love how I can light the candle down stairs and walk up the stairs and still be able to smell to the scent throughout the house!!

Heather on Plush Plum Candle